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Services Provided

Interior Design

          Create a reimagined living space with specific desires from the client with the "Color Wheel"

          Assist clients with concepts, space planning, furnishings and light selections

          Source unique local options to support client's community

          Problem solve from start to finish, while staying within budget

Residential Holiday Decorating (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more)

          Design Consultation

          Build Christmas Tree (Real or Faux)

          Decorate according to customers desires

          Create Christmas Decor to coordinate with the tree, room, or home

          Additional services available


*  Event Coordination 

        Meeting with clients to discuss their needs and plans

          Reserve venues and other services

          Coordinate invitations and decor

          Additional services available

*   Custom Wreaths

          Consult with client on color content

          Create wreaths from 18 to 46 inches

          Incorporate mesh, ribbon, bows, and embellishments



We offer customized services and packages to each client as each client is unique. Each event requires attention to detail and specific items. 


We would love for you to schedule an appointment to discuss the memories you wish to make! Contact us today by phone at 808-554-3832.

Notable Design opportunities

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